"The world of "cyber-journalism" continues to prosper by reflecting intelligently on issues that the mainstream press insists on marginalizing or simplifying into irrelevance.

The NATO-directed propaganda concerning the Kosovo crisis is one such example. Into the breach step such writers as Robert Paul Reyes who provides an extensive archive of short, smartly-written cyber columns for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

As well as writing thought-provoking anti-war essays, Robert Paul Reyes muses on such contemporary issues as the Columbine High School massacre, the insuffering hype over Star Wars and numerous other subjects.

He also provides essays written in Spanish. If only the mainstream media could provide columnists of this calibre!!"


We are just a few short days away from the new millennium, and we live in a thoroughly modern and high-tech America. We have two SUVs in every garage, and a TV in every room of the house. It seems every American leaves home fully armed with a pager strapped to his belt and a cell phone glued to his ear. The WWW reaches every nook and cranny of this affluent land of silicon chips and junk bonds.

But on the issue of race relations, America is still living in the days of Amos And Andy. There is no Latino running for president. There is not even a Latino being considered for the thankless job of running for vice president.

There is a plethora of opinion columnists, but it seems that the vast majority of them are middle-aged white guys. Regardless of their political orientation, their sole imperative is to maintain the status quo. There are just a few Latino columnists, and I may be the only commentator seeking to demolish the status quo.

Let's not even talk about the whitewash of network television. There is not a single Latino main character in any of the new shows coming out this fall. I have a color TV, but I don't see any people of color in it.

California is the land of dreams and opportunity. Spanish is the lingua franca of the magic kingdom, but all of our political masters are Caucasian. Latinos are second class citizens in "Califas."

I do thank the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for giving me this platform to express my views. Sometimes I feel like a John The Baptist crying in the wilderness, but some of the e-mail that I receive emboldens me to continue fighting the good fight.

1999 Robert Paul Reyes


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