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A graduate of Jefferson High School in Daly City, Calif., Robert describes himself as "self-educated and a voracious reader." He works as a claims examiner in Oakland, Calif, but says his real job "is simply being a writer." Robert had never had a single work published before this year. He has now had his essays published by over fifty newspapers and magazines including the Op-ed page of the Oakland Tribune.


I thank Almighty God for Jerry Falwell. He is a faithful prophet, warning America about the pernicious evils that threaten our Christian nation. A few months ago, he bravely alerted us about how Tinky Winky was turning our toddlers into swishy little perverts, and now he is exposing the all-female musical festival named Lilith Fair as a dangerous pagan bacchanal.

Falwell's publication, the National Liberty Journal claims that the Lilith Fair is named after a demonic figure. According to pagan legend, the Journal warns, Lilith dwelled with demons after leaving Eden and went mad after witnessing the execution of her children. As a result, she went on a killing spree, seducing and murdering her own demonic male offspring and then slaying their children.

Needless to say, we can't expect Falwell to tell us the truth. According to ancient Jewish literature, Lilith was created by God as Adam's first wife, but left Eden after refusing to be submissive to Adam. The Lilith Fair got its name from the character's original aspect, a woman seeking equality and independence, tour publicist Ambrosia Healy said.

Calling Lilith Fair a pagan festival is like calling the Girl Scouts a subversive organization. The Lilith Fair has featured such wholesome and non threatening acts as Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow, Monica, and the Dixie Chicks.

The Lilith Fair attracts SUV-driving young professional women, and teen girls dropped at the concert by their minivan driving moms. The Lilith Fair is not a hotbed of radical activity. The true radicals can be found in underground clubs and raves, not at the harmless to the status quo, Lilith Fair.

I doubt if Jerry Falwell truly believes that the Lilith Fair celebrates the pagan lifesytle. What really disturbs Jerry is the idea of young women, having a good time, and celebrating "girl power" without idiot males, like him in charge.

And of course Jerry is also seeking publicity for himself. Falwell will do or say anything to call attention to himself. Although I don't care much for the tame and harmless music of the Lilith Fair, I will buy tickets to the Lilith Fair for any of my friends who have teen girls, just to spite the truly evil and repugnant Jerry Falwell.

1999 Robert Paul Reyes


As the new millennium is quickly approaching we find ourselves living in perilous times. As a nation and as a people we are guilty of many sins. Racial discrimination, the widening gulf between the filthy rich and the dirt poor, the violence that permeates our media and cripples our society. America is a troubled country and we need to be chastised for our transgressions.

A preacher should have no problem finding topics for his sermons. So what does the illustrious minister, Jerry Falwell, use his electronic pulpit for? Does he preach brotherly love? Does he remind us that regardless of sexual orientation, or ethnic background, we are all children of god? No! Jerry squanders his power and influence and prestige by warning parents to be aware of that monstrous homosexual entity, Tinky Winky.

Tinky Winky, Falwell has warned parents, is gay. He has the voice of a boy but he carries a purse, says the February edition of the national Liberty Journal, edited and published by Jerry Falwell. "He is purple-the gay-pride color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle-the gay-pride symbol."

It's patently ridiculous that anyone would have to defend Tinky Winky, who is about as sexual as Donny and Marie Osmond, against Falwell's absurd accusations. Tinky Winky, is neither homosexual nor heterosexual. He is simply a lovable and innocent creature that captures the attention of children (and some adults with too much time on their hand) in homes throughout America.

Falwell should spend less time watching children's shows and more time reading his bible, and perhaps he might stumble unto Proverbs 17:28 Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding"

1999 Robert Paul Reyes


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