Columnists. Pundits. Commentators. Blowhards? Do we really need them? Do we care what they have to say?

There are a handful of columnists who speak words of widsom. There are a few that need to be heard.

Here is my list of the top columnists in America.


Alexander Cockburn: Editor of "Counterpunch", a well known political newsletter
Molly Ivins: One of America's favorite humorists. A liberal columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
Robert Paul Reyes: A left-leaning iconoclastic agnostic. Also writes for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Yeah, I know there's only three columnists on my list. There are just not that many good columnists in America. So be sure to check out these fine journalists.

Coming soon my list of the worst columnists in America. There will be over a hundred names on that list!

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