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The White Rose: A Liberal's Resource
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The Boneyard: Political E-Zine
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Black Midnight: E-Zine With Attitude
Not Drowning, Just Writing: Great Site From Down Under
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Writers Getaway: Great Resource for Writers
WritersHome.Com: A Web Site For Writers, Editors & Lovers Of The Written Word
A Writer's Choice: Literary Journal
Texas And Things Texan: Cool Texas Site
Southern Politics Resource Page: Political Links
The Electronic Estate: Politcal thoughts by Hal Trammell
Elections 2000: Election 2000 Coverage
The Laser Tribune: News Links & More
Indranet.Com: Web Directory
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The Useful Page Directory: Progressive Web Directory
FishHoo.Com: Web Directory For Fishermen
Kathleen Krach: Cool Home Page books, news & more
Upholsterer.Com: Web Guide
Bruce's Media Page: Media Links
Tale Wins Literary Agency: Great Resource For Writers
Mark's Web Page: Progressive Site
Committee For Direct Democracy: Cool Progressive Link
Richard Harter's World: Cool Home Page
La Prensa San Diego: Billingual Newspaper
Pilot-Search.Com: Literary Search Engine
TalkLeft.Com: Liberal News Site
OpenHere.Com: Web Directory
TheRoc.Org: Free Speech Site
RightBot.Com: Conservative Political Search Engine
CoramNobis.Com: Tons Of News Links
Leonard's Digest: Your link to news and views from around the world
Finley's Newstand: News & Opinions
Democratic-Alliance.Com: Progressive Site Latino Site
Comedy-Zone.Net: Comedy Links
NSE: News, Search, Entertainment Links Your place for the best humor sites on the net
Ambit's Interesting Web Sites: List of cool links
World Of Urls: Lots of cool links
SquirtOnline.Com: Humor Site
Light Story & Humor: Humor Site
SmilesAndGrins.Com: Humor Site
Saturn Of Oakland: Don't patronize Saturn Of Oakland California


The Inditer: This literary site has published my essay "Standing In Line"
Latino Links Web Site: This site has published my essay "Surf's Up"
In Alameda: This magazine about the city of Alameda published my essay "Blue Dress Blues"
Friends & Lovers Magazine: This online magazine has published many of my essays including "Falling In Love"
In Motion Magazine: This political magazine published my essay "Blue Dress Blues"
EWG PRESENTS: This literary site published my essay "On Writing"
Online Entertainment Magazine: This entertainment site published my essay "The Magic Of The Movies"
The Oakland Tribune: This major metro published my essay "The Complexity Of Racism"
HEPM Home Page: This Hispanic Resource page published my essay "The complexity of racism"


Central California Poetry Journal: Published many of my poems including "Minimalism"
Word Salad: Published my poem "Outside The Lines"
Poetry Magazine: Published my poem "That's All I Ask"
L'intrigue Magazine: Published my poem "Outside The Lines"
Night People: Published my poem "Little Guppy"
The Poetry Workshop: Published my poem "The Maestro Of Love"
The Dimly Lit Poetry Corner: Published my poem Dreams of god
Renaissance Magazine: Published my poem Love Soon Ended
PoetreeMag: Published my poem "That's all I ask"


My Version Of The Truth By Robert Paul Reyes: The home page to my terrific site